At Home and Abroad

Although people often talk about Baby Boomers as though population aging is unique to the United States, the truth is that many countries are facing this demographic shift--as well as the questions and issues it brings. 

In Australia, for instance, where the percentage of the population over 65 has grown from 8 to 13% over the last 30 years, architecture firms are coming to realize the important of design and human experience when building assisted living facilities. “With the Australian population ageing quickly, the issue of improving the standard of aged care accommodation…should be on the political agenda of all parties at the State and Federal level,” says Robert Caulfield, director of Caulfield Krivanek Architecture.

Pictured is the Freeman Street Aged Care Facility by V Arc, which was shortlisted for the best institutional interior price at a recent IDEA awards.

As far as we’re concerned, this is what it’s all about! The more we recognize the power of space, design, detail and beauty to impact the real issues of aging, the sooner we can begin to process of providing people with beautiful solutions to problems which are only going to become more prevalent. We’re psyched to watch what continues to develop in this space, as well as adding our own take on a thing or two!

Hal EbbottComment