Home is Where the Healthcare Solution Is

While the title of this post may not have that familiar ring to it, it’s nevertheless true that product design and technology are seeking to meet the growing demand for solutions which allow the aging population to remain in their homes.

We already know that recovering at home can sometimes be far more effective than time spent in the hospital, and as the power and reach of technology increases, we are beginning to see the proliferation of offerings which increase independence and autonomy. 

One such product, Cue, couples smartphone technology with the ability to provide readouts on conditions ranging from vitamin levels to influenza symptoms!

When we look at products like this, what we see is empowerment. Much like Cue, we see ourselves and our work as being in the service of freeing us from traditional constraints. The more medicine and healthcare can meet people on their terms, the more readily it will be accepted and the more effective it will become at improving to day-to-day quality of real lives.

Hal EbbottComment