Walk It Off

When it comes to staying active, people sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sense that in order to make a real difference they'll need to completely change their lifestyle and habits.

No so, according to research published today in the American Journal of Clinical Exercise. And while we'll never advocate against wholesale changes, it's refreshing and important to remember that small changes can have a substantial impact.

The study, which looked at the impact of moderate increases in activity (incorporating just twenty minutes of walking into a daily routine), determined that doing so had a profound effect.

“The researchers found that the greatest reduction in risk of premature death occurred in the comparison between inactive and moderately inactive groups...The authors estimate that doing exercise equivalent to just a 20 minute brisk walk each day...would take an individual from the inactive to moderately inactive group and reduce their risk of premature death by between 16-30%.”

So forget the mentality that taking the stairs isn't worth it, or that you'd have to train for a marathon to really make your run "worth it." Even just a quick stroll after dinner could pay off in the long term!

Hal EbbottComment