Something you need,  finally available as something you want.



We designed Spring with you in mind. Smart engineering isn’t just about technical execution, it’s about understanding how you really live, move, and experience the world. So rather than taking our cues from an outdated industry, we started from scratch. The result is a beautiful tool, intelligently refined to help you keep moving and never get in your way.





What’s mobility if not the freedom to travel? Spring folds into less than half the size of alternatives with a fraction of the effort. A reduced footprint, lighter construction, and dramatically simplified mechanisms mean you can transform it into little more than a briefcase by your side.

Two Step Fold to 60% smaller volume





Reverse Braking

After expansive research, development, interviews and observations we came to understand that existing brakes were failing to meet real-life demands. That’s why we calibrated Spring to respond to your movements and sense your body weight. Unlike the traditional caliper system, Spring goes when you want it to and stops when you don’t—all without cables, handles, or clunky mechanisms to worry about. It’s not just more beautiful, it’s safer, too.

Ergonomic Handle

Swooping curvature allows for infinite grip geometries, giving you greater control and ensuring you’re able to find the most comfortable configuration.

Parking System

Open the seat and the parking brake is activated. Automatically. No need to remember. No need to worry. Integrated components are at the heart of our design philosophy, leaving you with a product revolutionary in its simplicity.



Don’t let the simple enclosure fool you. Spring’s Smart Hub lies at the center of what makes it so easy to operate.
Meticulously engineered to meet strict safety requirements and enable seamless user experience, the Smart Hub houses the Foray technology working behind the scenes to bring you optimized performance and stylized design.


Spring is just around the corner.


Spring will be available in early 2019.