The spring upright walker being used on the street by an elderly man

Spring Upright Walker

Spring has sold out. Call 1-888-MY-FORAY for information about open box availability.

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Call 1-888-MY-FORAY for information about open box availability.

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Be vibrant

Physical activity can enhance independence, memory, and quality of life.

Be healthy

Exercise is as effective as prescriptions medications at reducing depression and anxiety.

Be safe

Use of ambulatory assistance like an upright walker reduces fall risk by 40%.

  • Discreet Design

    Spring differs from other upright walkers and walking aids in that its components are fully internal with nothing to catch clothes on and none of the look of a "medical device."

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    The Spring by Foray Design - Upright Walker - Product Photo
  • Helps Your Posture

    Spring positions your center of gravity between the front and rear wheels, within the frame.

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    Close-up of the walker's mechanical details
  • Reduces Upper Body Fatigue

    A continuous handlebar and shock absorbers reduce the overuse of hands or arms.

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    Spring walking assistance device's curved handlebar close-up
  • Convenient Storage and Transport

    Spring collapses down to 27% of its volume, making easier to store and transport than most upright walkers.

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    Spring walking aid in folded position

Patented Folding Technology

Spring's unique folding system utilizes the same movement to open, adjust the height, and close the device.

gif of elderly man folding the Spring mobility aid
Close-up photo of elderly woman using the Spring upright walker walking aid

Watch the Spring upright walker in action

See how Foray Design's Spring can help your day-to-day life


"Kudos on getting all the systems to work so nicely! The rubber handlebar is sturdy and feels great."

“Using Spring is like nothing else! have torn ligaments in my left hip and use a walker for longer distances. With Spring, I can can maneuver and go much further with no fatigue in my arms.”

"Spring is the only walker I need: totally sturdy, strong, but also slender and elegant! It fits perfectly into my small car and is super easy to fold."

"Foray is an unbelievable company in how they take care of their customers. They deliver what they promise. I give you 5 stars."

"I was at a monthly event last night and normally use a cane since standing in one spot for a long time is physically challenging for me. I thought, these situations are so much easier now that I have my Spring!"

"Just feels very well made. Smooth operation. I do a lot of walking outdoors on trails. Not a problem for the Spring!"