Spring and Public Transportation

An active young woman with multiple sclerosis asked us about taking Spring on the New York City subways.  We decided to find out.

We have taken trips on the #1, 2, and 4 trains, from Harlem to Barclays Center, and places between. In stations that do not have an elevator, a user probably would want to have a helpful stranger carry Spring down the stairs (as people do with baby strollers).


Everything else is smooth, getting on and off the train, maneuvering into a seat.  Spring did not roll away when we took our hands off (so we could look at our phones).   We had peace of mind knowing that, if the car were crowded, we could use Spring's built-in seat.

Next month we have a trip to Philadelphia, so we will take it on Amtrak.  Check back for the report.

--Your Foray Team