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Strong Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over downtown Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Foray Fit: A Celestial Light Show

A Celestial Light Show

With the transition to Daylight Savings behind us, we can all look forward to more sunshine ahead.

But there is still plenty to appreciate in the night skies of late winter.

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are on prime display during the darker winter hours and through the beginning of April.

Those fortunate enough to see the Lights are in for a spectacular display of dancing, undulating bands of color that streak the sky.

Though beautiful to behold, the Aurora Borealis is actually the result of rather violent astral events. The Earth's atmosphere is under constant assault from energized particles radiating off our neighboring sun. Those particles regularly slam into the upper layers of the atmosphere at speeds up to 45 million mph! Lucky for us inhabitants of Earth, we have a natural defense system in the planet's magnetic fields, which repel the energy.

Under bright light, we are generally unaware of this ongoing cosmic attack.

But in the darkness of winter, we are able to see the Earth's natural defense system at work.

The result is nothing short of miraculous. 

Let the Sunshine In

Daylight saving time is coming in less than a month on March 13th, but that shift is illusory—the days continue to lengthen slowly.

Less daylight leaves many of us feeling a little glum, and between 1.5 and 9% have full-blown seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

In our Winter newsletter, Dr. Kavanagh examines recent research on light therapy.

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