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The dane county farmer's market in Madison Wisconsin

Foray Fit: A Dairyland Delight

Take a stroll through summer's bounty!

Farmers markets are here in full force and offering us fresh wonders of what's in season. Be sure to get outside, support farms near you, and stock up on beautiful fruits, veggies, and flowers. It's the perfect recipe for staying both active and healthy!

To keep you inspired, we will bring you weekly highlights of some of the best markets around the world as well as a recipe from the diverse food cultures they help fuel.

Dane County Farmers' Market (Madison, WI)

Sprawling beneath the steps of Wisconsin's impressive capital building, the Dane County Farmers' Market is the largest producer-only market in the country! Drawing on the greatness of America's Dairyland, with more than 250 members and an average of 150 stands per week, this market is a mecca for produce loving locals. It's also a testament to the agricultural power of America's heartland. Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by the array of world-class cheese!

Banner Image: Dane County Farmer's Market, Madison, WI, (photo courtesy USA Today)

The Recipe


Celebration Cheese Balls


Celebration cheese balls

A mainstay at almost any gathering in Wisconsin, the classic Cheese Ball is a humble meld of cream cheese with just about any other semi-hard cheese you have on hand. With so many varieties of cheese on offer from Wisconsin's legendary dairy farms, the Cheese Ball's omnipresence in the state comes as no surprise!

Photo courtesy: Taste of Home

Dig in to diet!

The Seven Countries Study

As Dr. Kavanagh discussed in our May newsletter, the benefits of examining how other cultures around the world eat can help us all transcend following "diets" that feel more like work than pleasure.

Do our friends around the world offer a different path?

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