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Sunrise over the meadow garden at Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens

Foray Fit: A Sonnet for a Sunrise Stroll

April is National Poetry Month!

To celebrate we are bringing you weekly highlights from some of our favorite ambling bards and the paths that inspired them.

This week, we feature the early 20th century poet, Amos Russel Wells (1862-1933).

The prolific Wells penned more than 60 volumes of prose and verse throughout his life, one of them a collection of hundreds of poems. As was also the case with Thoreau, a fellow Massachusettan, much of his work was inspired by his escapes into nature.

The Poem

Little is more invigorating than greeting the new day with a bout of exercise. This fact was certainly not lost on Wells, as this poem, from The Collected Poem of Amos Russel Wells (1921), boldly declares:

"A Morning Walk"

All hail! my brave, bright world of green and gold, 
My morning, smiling from the kiss of night!
Your other lover greets you. Left and right
The air's a-twitter in the sunshine bold, 
The air is praying in the shadowy wold. 
Sole lord am I of all this realm of sight, 
These swinging meadow sweeps, this delight
Of ranking hills, these cloud
Stoutly the sturdy road beneath my feet 
Rings me a morning welcome. Rise, my soul
The benediction of the sky to meet. 
Sound, color, fragrance, freshness—mine whole; 
Mine to receive, and haply mine to give; 
A kingly day, and kingly must I live. 

The Path: Meadow Garden at Longwood Gardens

We can’t be certain which “swinging meadow sweeps” and “ranking hills” Wells began his mornings in, but we imagine the Meadow Garden of Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens at dawn is a worthy substitute.

Enjoy a virtual stroll. 

Video Courtesy Longwood Gardens 

Header Image: William Hill, Meadow Garden, Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania  


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