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Summer Newsletter: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Summer Newsletter: A Walk Down Memory Lane

A Walk Down Memory Lane

One of my professional satisfactions has been to see that people have come to understand the association of physical activity and health.

For more than 20 years the message has been developed –in both the results of rigorous clinical trials, and constructive discussions of fitness in the popular press–demonstrating that even a modest increase in activity can have meaningful health benefits.

Increased fitness is associated with reduced harm of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and dementia, among other conditions. As you may notice­–and as we hope we have helped bring to light through our newsletters–these are all diseases which inhibit mobility.  

As an indicator that people are incorporating the message, the National Health Interview Survey has shown that the percentage of older adults who conducted moderate-to-vigorous aerobic exercise for more than 150 minutes a week has increased dramatically, from 25.7% in 1998 to 35.8% in 2013.

(For our data-nerd readers, here’s a link to a rich summary and discussion of these trends from the journal, Preventive Medicine.)

Unfortunately, that standard of fitness can’t be attained by a big segment of the population. Mainstream media and most clinical studies focus on individuals with a baseline capacity for fitness. They are healthy and mobile enough to exercise vigorously.

But Foray Design was founded to address this question: what about people with  mobility difficulties, or chronic diseases which will never let them attain these goals?

With so many words being spent on motivating the able bodied, we took a different approach not only to walker design, but also to speaking with people for whom mobility is a struggle.

Sometimes, to become active what is needed is not another news article but just an anchor word. 

An anchor word is a word or phrase (or sight or sound) that cuts through the barriers to action.

Last week I saw a 92-year-old man in my office.  This lovely Italian man has advanced Parkinson's disease and is no longer standing independently.  His dementia has advanced, and medical solutions are limited. 

His devoted but frustrated son and I talked to him about going outdoors every day with his  aide.  Although he doesn't speak much, he was slouching in the chair and his face hardened.

We changed the subject: we could have a physical therapist come to his home.

I asked him, "Mr. I., what was your career?" 

The little, hunched-over man sat up straight, and said "Longshoreman."

"So you were a strong man,”

"Strong. There was light in his eyes.

Would you like to get stronger again?”  

He flexed his thin arms, revealing that he still had biceps.

"So we will send someone to your house to help you get strong."  

What's your anchor word?

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

After three years of selling Spring, our rolling walker, Foray Design is going on hiatus.

Foray Design and this series was transformed in February 2021 by marketing director Peter Tittiger, impresario of Foray Fit.  We are most indebted to Peter. He conveyed our message in the most charming and delightful lifestyle interpretation. I think and hope he gave you an anchor word. A stroll (or rather scroll) through the Foray Fit library is an ever-welcome distraction.

You'll hear one more time from Foray Fit in a few days.

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