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Party goes form a Conga Line

Foray Fit: Everybody Conga!

Get in Line! 

The phenomenon of entrainment (naturally occurring synchronization) may confound scientists, but we know one thing for certain...

Moving (and dancing!) in step with friends and family sure is fun!

This month, Foray Fit is offering up our favorite line dance to keep you moving and grooving through all of your holiday celebrations.

The Conga Line

Perhaps the most intuitive line dance out there, the Conga line is easily accessible—even for the rhythmically challenged!

The Conga line, as we know it in popular culture, was the brainchild of the legendary nightlife impresario, Desi Arnaz.

In the 1930's, desperate to attract patrons at his new club, La Conga, Arnaz became known for joining the dance floor with his drum and marching the club's patrons around the room in rhythm. Three beats of a forward shuffle, followed by a quick kick to either side. 

The dance made Arnaz (and his club) famous. The Conga launched his storied career, and to this day any adventurous soul can start or join the party!

Anderson Cooper can do it! 

Strangers on the street can do it! 

Even dogs can do it! 

Folks of all ages and abilities have no reason not to heed the advice of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine... 

Come on shake your body, baby do that Conga!

You know you can't control yourself any longer! 

Banner Image Credit: Group of people in a conga line (stock photo 100452277)

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