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The perseid meteor shower visible in the night sky above trees

Foray Fit: Shooting Star Spectacle

Stellar Sightings

The natural world provides abundant opportunities for awe. Not least of which is an evening stroll to appreciate the summer night sky!

Stay tuned on Foray Fit throughout August as we bring you weekly highlights that will help you view and identify what's happening in the celestial sphere.

The Perseid Meteor Shower

Set your alarm for a pre-dawn stroll this week, and you're very likely to glimpse the Perseid Meteor Shower.

One of the most beloved astronomical events of the year, the Perseid Shower can produce a few dozen meteors an hour at its peak (August 11–13) but can viewed throughout the month.

Spotting meteors is easy with the naked eye. Just lace up your walking shoes, head outside, and turn your eyes skyward!

Banner Image: A View of the Perseid Meteor Shower and Milky Way (stock photo 687779086)

Make a Star Date

The University of Texas McDonald Observatory is one of the premier astronomical observation and research facilities in North America—and is one of the most accessible! From its remote West Texas location in one of the darkest areas on Earth, the observatory offers regular 

evening viewings and "star parties" which are easily navigated on paved, level paths. And if you can't make it to Texas, be sure to check out their live stream and the fantastic content of their syndicated radio program, Star Date.

Stride and See

The Correlation Between Vision and Walking

In our August newsletter, Dr. Kavanagh ponders two important questions:

Does walking regularly improve our vision?

Does corrected vision improve our walking?

We think you'll be encouraged by the answers!

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