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Foray Fit: Smile Like You Mean It

Foray Fit: Smile Like You Mean It

With our masks (mostly) gone, we are all ready to show the world our smiles! And new research suggests that all that smiling may make it easier for us to move.

While there is little objective evidence to prove that animals are expressing emotion when they smile, we know one thing for certain. They are sure to make us grin!

Here's a healthy dose of zany zoology that will keep you (and everyone around you) smiling -- and maybe even walking a little lighter.

Grey Seal on the Beach in Donnybrook, Lincolnshire (courtesy: Daily Mail)
Keebler the Lamb (courtesy: thecrazysheeplady)
"Never Smile at a Crocodile" (courtesy: Beliefs of the Heart)
Happy Sloth Hanging (courtesy: stock photo)
"I Love Ewe" (courtesy: reddit r/aww)
The Happiest Hedgehog (courtesy: soozyamy)
Smiling Swimmers (courtesy: Reuters
Smiling Shiba Inu (courtesy:
Ray of Sunshine (courtesy: NBC News)


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