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an Anna's Hummingbird sits on a branch

Foray Fit: Humming Right Along

May is for the birds! 

Spring is finally here, and everyone is anxious to be on the move!

Including our fine feathered friends.

With bird migrations in full swing throughout May, birding is an excellent low-impact, socially distanced outdoor activity.

To inspire you to stay moving with our avian brethren, we will bring you weekly highlights of some of the nation's best (and easily accessible) birding spots, along with a species you're likely to spot.

The Paton Center for Hummingbirds (Patagonia, AZ) 

Managed by the Tucson Audubon Society but originally the home of its eponymous founders, this unique 1.4 acre property welcomes more than 213 migratory and resident species of birds! With level walking paths and a beautiful Birding Pavillon (see below), the Paton Center is an ideal spot to spy an Anna's Hummingbird.

The Wildlife Pavillon at the Paton Center for Hummingbirds

Image: Wildlife Pavillon, Paton Center for Hummingbirds, photo Arch Daily/Jeff Goldberg

The Bird

An Anna's Humming bird sits on a branch

Anna's Hummingbird (calypte anna)

Among the most common hummingbirds of the American West, the male Anna's Hummingbird, with his signature iridescent head, is quite the showstopper.

Image (right): Anna's hummingbird, adult male, Santa Cruz, CA, stock photo, 1921465922 

Image (banner): Anna's Hummingbird perched on branch, stock photo, 1546880615 

Accessible Birding near you! 

Featuring 350+ locations, this crowdsourced map, a collaboration between the Audubon Society and, lets you find all the information you need on the best locations for birding in your area.

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an older gentleman uses the Foray Design Spring upright walker outside