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An installation view of Yayoi Kusama at the Hirshhorn Museum

Foray Fit: Leave the Light On

Leave the Light On 

Professionals in the medical establishment aren’t the only ones interested in the effects of light. 

Across the globe, contemporary artists are creating immersive environments that manipulate light.

And judging by the lines their exhibitions generate, they just might be on to something. 

Scroll down to learn more. 

Yayoi Kusama 

An installation view of Yayoi Kusama at the Hirshhorn Museum

At 92 years old, Yayoi Kusama is widely recognized as the most influential living artists hailing from Japan. Kusama is especially known for her candor in discussions of her own mental health. In 1977, she had herself declared legally insane and has resided in a Tokyo psychiatric institute ever since. She credits her art as her primary means of exploring and maintaining her sanity. 

Since her 2017 retrospective at the Smithsonian’s Hirschorn Museum, public fascination with Kusama’s long-standing Infinity Mirror series has exploded. In the works, the artist uses mirrors and light to create perceptual experiences that have left audiences around the world spellbound and clamoring for a chance to get inside.  Whether you head to the ICA in Boston, the Broad in Los Angeles, the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, or the Phoenix Art Museum, be sure to check ahead for viewing reservations! 

Image: Installation view from Yayoi Kusama | Infinity Rooms (photo courtesy The Hirshhorn Museum)

James Turrell

An installation view of James Turrell's art at Mass MoCA

Active since the mid-60’s, James Turrell is frequently referenced as a sculptor of light and a pioneer of the Light and Space movement. His works, which often taken the form of architectural interventions, elevate (and upend) the sensory perceptions of viewers. 

As the critic John McDonald once noted, Turrell’s works are, “dull to describe but magical to experience,” so we won’t waste too many words. Thankfully, there are numerous opportunities to experience the works for yourself across the country, including Mass MoCA, Pittsburgh’s Mattress Factory, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Just be sure to have a reservation!   

Image: Installation view from the exhibition James Turrell: Into the Light (photo courtesy Mass MoCA)

Let the Sunshine In

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Less daylight leaves many of us feeling a little glum, and between 1.5 and 9% have full-blown seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

In our Winter newsletter, Dr. Kavanagh examines recent research on light therapy.
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