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A Gaggle of Hamlets on stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company

Foray Fit: To Be... Or Not To Be...

To Be... Or Not to Be...

That is the question. And one that we often can't answer ourselves.

Decision making can be hard and becomes even more difficult when you take in the opinions of all those around you.

Case in point? Even the actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company—and other legends of the British stage and screen—fall into disarray debating how to deliver Hamlet's signature monologue.

Be sure to watch to the end for a series of increasingly unexpected cameos! 

Banner Image: A Gaggle of Hamlets On Stage for Shakespeare Live at the RSC (photo courtesy Royal Shakespeare Company)

Deciding On Our Christmas Wish

One thing we at Foray Design can decide on is the importance of staying healthy for the ones we love.

Our Christmas wish for you, is that you remain happy and healthy for years to come. We'd like to provide you with the tools.

Here's a holiday treat—a short video from Germany that sums up our outlook on life and health.


Multiple Choice

Have you ever been paralyzed by the small decision of what to grab when you open the fridge?

Small daily decisions like this would be overwhelming if we had to develop multiple alternatives for every choice.

In our December newsletter, Dr. Kavanagh examines recent findings in operations research (OR) that prove out the benefits of proactive decision making.

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