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How to Buy a Rollator

How to Buy a Rollator

Almost anything is for sale online today. For a person with disabilities, being able to shop without going to a store, and having the product delivered, is a real advantage.

But some things are easier to evaluate online than others. Buying a walker online is tricky. It’s somewhat like a pair of shoes – the fit and suitability are things you can’t determine until you actually have it in hand.

So here are some questions to ask before you buy:

What is the height range for the walker?  This is a general guideline, for example, if you are 6’2”, and the device is listed for 6’1”, you may want to try it.

What is the weight range for the walker? Unlike the height range, this is a safety question. We strongly recommend that you buy a walker that is rated for a greater number than your actual weight.

How heavy is the walker? There’s a tradeoff here between something that gives you a lot of support, or something that you can lift easily. One reason that people have poor posture with their rollator is that it may be too light. The person cannot get too close to the walker or it will tip over. 

Will the rollator fit through tight spaces in my home? Generally, you will want to measure the narrowest space in your home where you will use the walker. The walker should allow at least 2 inches of clearance to avoid bumping or catching on objects in your home.

Foray Spring: Action ShotWhat do I need the rollator for? This is the most important question. There is no single walker model that is correct for every need. If you have severe balance problems, you want a walker that you can stand close to, something that will hold you up if you lose your balance. If you have COPD or CHF, you want a walker that helps you go farther but lets you sit down quickly if you are winded. If you have arthritis in your hands and wrists you might not be able to activate the caliper-type running brake that is almost universal on rollators. Ditto if you have had a stroke and one side of your body is weak. Spend some time analyzing your needs. Rollators can be expensive, and you don’t want to waste your time buying the wrong one.

How can I know before I commit to buying a rollator? If you have a physical therapist, try out their equipment. If you have a rollator now and are unhappy with it, analyze what is wrong with it. If you are buying a rollator on the Internet, check out the return policy for your product. Yes, Amazon will take returns, but what kind of  manufacturer’s support is there? Maybe the rollator is good for you, but you just need some help getting started. Does the vendor have a help line? User video?

A word about Foray Design:

Spring, our rolling walker is designed for people between 5’4” and 6’1” tall, although some people who are shorter or taller than that can use it comfortably. It depends on the length of your arms, among other things. 

Spring is designed for people who weigh less than 300 pounds. We also find that people with a body-mass index of less than 30 are more likely to find the seat comfortable.

Spring is 22.9 pounds. It is so sleekly designed that some people assume that it is lighter than it is. Spring is extremely sturdy and allows good control for people who have a weak arm or leg or other balance problems.

Spring is 26 inches wide. Standard doorways are 34-36” but Spring should clear a doorway as narrow as 30”.

Spring is versatile and can be adapted for many settings: everyday use; for rehab after trauma, stroke or orthopedic surgery. It is a breeze for people who have limited exercise tolerance. 

Spring has the best customer service policy in the rollator market. We offer a full refund for up to 30 days if the product is unused and returned in the original packaging. So, you can try it for yourself.

Even more valuable is our customer support. Even though Spring arrives fully assembled and ready to use, many people find there is a learning curve. So, we offer a user video ( and telephone support during business hours. We can talk on FaceTime to make sure you have adjusted it right and also to identify any ways that you can have an even better experience. 

We want you to be happy, get launched with Spring, and go about your business.