Still have questions? Please take a look at our frequently asked questions which include detailed product specifications and common questions.

When will I get Spring?

We are taking orders for late 2019 delivery.

What if I have a problem with my product?

We offer a full 60-day guarantee for refund or exchange upon return of Spring in its original box.
Customer pays return postage.

Are you shipping internationally?

At present we are shipping only to US addresses.

What are the product specifications?

Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
Most comfortable for people with body-mass index of less than 30
Product weight: 24.2 pounds

Collapsed: 26” w x 10” d x 29” h
Opened: 26” w x 29” d x 33.5” h
Height adjusts from 33.5-38”
Wheel diameter: 8”
Seat dimensions: 12” x 17-1/4”
Seat height from floor: 21”

What kind of storage does Spring have?

Spring has a zipper pocket on the underside of the seat, large enough for a wallet, phone and key ring.
We are developing a shopping cart insert which would replace the interchangeable seat.

What colors does Spring come in?

Spring comes in vibrant gray with periwinkle accents. The seat is black; we will offer more colors soon.

I weigh more than 300 pounds. Can I use Spring?

The maximum recommended weight for Spring is 300 pounds. For safety reasons we recommend that you use a walker rated for your actual weight.

Will Spring fit in my car trunk?

Yes! Spring folds by pressing on the height adjustment buttons (nothing to unscrew) and easily fits in a car trunk.

Does Spring lock when folded (to load in a car, etc.)?

Spring locks when you collapse the device. This way
it is quite easy to load in a car and take it with you wherever you go.

Can a person with only one functional arm steer Spring?

Our continuous handlebar means that a person with one fully functional arm can steer the walker. The functionality is better if a person can rest the second arm on the bar but it is not necessary to be able to grip with the affected arm.

Are there other products available?

Spring is our first product. The seat can be removed and we are designing replacement seats in varying fabrics. You will be able to change your walker to suit the occasion.
We are also developing a shopping cart-type insert to give a larger storage option.

What about a storage compartment under the seat?

Spring has a zipper pocket on the bottom of the seat which will hold a phone, keys and wallet.

Where are the brake controls?

Spring has two brakes. The passive brake gently keeps the walker from rolling away when you take your hands
off --a bit like an airport luggage cart.

The parking brake is activated when you open the seat, and released when you close the seat. If you want to park
Spring without opening the seat, the levers can be moved by hand.

Can the height of the seat be adjusted?

The seat height is fixed at 21", because that is the most comfortable height for sitting at a table or desk.

Does my health insurance cover Spring?

Medicare offers limited reimbursement when purchased through a Medicare-authorized dealer. At present Foray is selling direct to consumers and so insurance (coverage) reimbursement is generally not available.

Rolling walkers, however, are eligible expenses for Health Saving Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts, so you can submit your receipt for reimbursement from your account.

Do you offer demonstrations?

We will be demonstrating Spring at certain locations in the New York metro area in the next few months. Send us an email at and we will add you to our list.

Who is your distributor?

We are selling directly to consumers. We do not use a distributor.
If you wish to purchase larger quantities, contact us at

Where are you located?

We are headquartered at 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY.