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Foray Design is reimagining the aided mobility marketplace with products that empower. The next steps in our journey start with you: We are currently vetting and welcoming partnership inquiries.

We currently enjoy alliances with a variety of health and wellness outlets and platforms, and a bevy of aging and disability blogs and websites.

We have a global presence with agents in 12 foreign countries, but we are actively seeking to grow our international profile with overseas distribution. Please contact us if you are a distributor, or if you are interested in representing us.

Our flagship offering—Spring—is disrupting the mobility marketplace through introducing a sleekly modern product. It’s a design that needs to be shown off, and we are actively seeking retail presence. If you are a pharmacy with a medical goods department, or a premium consumer/household products retailer, we can partner to display a Spring in your space. Foray Design will drop-ship and provide customer support.

We are passionate about moving people forward, and shifting the old-fashioned narrative of the mobility marketplace. To do this, we need you. Please reach out to explore strategic and financial partnerships with Foray Design.

Contact us: info@foraydesign.com